Mixed signals at Dorrington

IMG_9619.jpgSeveral locations on the national network can boast a mixture of upper and lower quadrant signals, but my shot today of a train passing successive upper and lower quadrant signals at Dorrington got me wondering if there are any other places where it is possible to see such a scene?

Places which mix upper and lower quadrant include Gobowen (pictured below) and Yeovil Pen Mill, where in each case the down signals are upper quadrant, while those controlling up trains are traditional GWR-style lower quadrant variety.

IMG_5178.jpgBesides them, the greatest of all locations for mixing semaphore types has to be Shrewsbury, where at least three of its four mechanical boxes (I’m not sure about Abbey Foregate) controls a mixed collection of upper and lower quadrant signals, as well as colour lights.

IMG_0070.jpgAt Sutton Bridge Junction, for example, those signalling the main Marches route are upper quadrant in the up (northbound) direction (pictured above), while the home signals controlling exit from the Cambrian route (below) and the down home signals are all lower quadrant.

IMG_0079.jpgBut, from my relatively recent visits, I had never previously found a place where it was possible to photograph a train passing the two semaphore types, until my call at Dorrington today. So, are there any other bids?


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